Gardaadi - Empowering Future Somali Technologists

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June 19, 2023

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We are excited to announce the launch of Gardaadi: Empowering Future Somali Technologists, implemented by FabLab Mogadishu, part of SIMAD iLab. This transformative program aims to nurture and support the next generation of technologists in Somalia, focusing on key areas such as: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning
  • Renewable Energy & Water Infrastructure
  • Agriculture And Environmental Sustainability
  • Education & Healthcare Technology
  • Sustainable Housing & Infrastructure
  • Network & Cybersecurity
Gardaadi: Empower Future Somali Technologists

Empowering Technologists for a Sustainable Future

Gardaadi empowers aspiring technologists with hands-on project experiences and mentorship opportunities. Through this program, last-semester undergraduate students who possess knowledge and expertise in the focus areas mentioned have the chance to showcase their skills and contribute to the development of their communities. By fostering innovation and problem-solving, the initiative aims to drive sustainable solutions in areas critical to Somalia's progress.

Selection Process and Mentorship

FabLab Mogadishu will conduct a rigorous selection process to identify 15 outstanding projects proposed by participating graduates. The projects will be matched with the focus areas to ensure alignment with Gardaadi’s objectives. Each project will be assigned a mentor who is an expert in the respective field. These mentors will provide guidance, technical expertise, and ongoing support to the graduates, ensuring their projects are on track and progressing effectively.

Access to Resources and Collaborative Ecosystem

FabLab Mogadishu, supported by SIMAD iLab, will provide the necessary resources and state-of-the-art facilities to implement the projects successfully. Participants will have access to cutting-edge technologies, enabling them to prototype, test, and refine their ideas. Gardaadi will also foster a collaborative ecosystem, facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities among the participating graduates, industry experts, and relevant stakeholders. This vibrant ecosystem will enable participants to expand their professional network and leverage industry connections for maximum impact.

Evaluation Criteria for Applicants

To ensure the selection of the most qualified individuals, Gardaadi will evaluate applicants based on several criteria. These include: 

  • Academic Pursuit: The applicants should be currently pursuing an undergraduate degree, particularly in the fields of engineering, computer science, and information technology. Preference will be given to those in their last semester of studies.
  • Commitment and Motivation: We seek applicants passionate about contributing to the development of Somalia through technology. You should possess a strong commitment to positively impacting your country using your technical skills.
  • Leadership Potential: We are looking for individuals who demonstrate leadership potential. Whether you have prior experience leading teams or have shown leadership qualities in other capacities, we value your ability to inspire and motivate others toward achieving common goals.
  • Project Proposal Clarity and Coherence: Your proposal should clearly articulate your ideas and objectives. It should demonstrate a logical structure and coherent plan for implementing your project. We value well-thought-out proposals that showcase your understanding of the problem you aim to address and the potential impact of your solution.
  • Project Materials: Applicants should have access to the materials required to execute their proposed projects effectively. This includes any hardware, or other materials specific to their project idea. You should demonstrate that you have the means to carry out your proposed project successfully.
  • Local Context Alignment: As the projects will be implemented in Mogadishu, it is important that applicants are in Mogadishu. This ensures that projects are aligned with the local context, allowing for better integration, and understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced in the area.

Creating Sustainable Impact

Gardaadi is committed to creating a sustainable impact by equipping graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their respective fields. This program's outcomes will contribute to advancing renewable energy and water infrastructure, agriculture and environmental sustainability, education and healthcare technology, sustainable housing and infrastructure, AI, machine learning, and network and cybersecurity projects in Mogadishu. Additionally, the program will facilitate graduates' transition into the workforce by providing practical experience, a strong network, and valuable industry connections.


Gardaadi is a groundbreaking program that aims to ignite the potential of last-semester undergraduate students in Somalia. Focusing on key areas such as renewable energy, agriculture, education, sustainable housing, AI, and cybersecurity, this initiative is poised to drive innovation, create sustainable solutions, and contribute to the nation’s development. Through mentorship, resources, and a collaborative ecosystem, Gardaadi will empower graduates to become influential technologists who shape the future of Somalia.

Are you ready to be part of the Gardaadi program? Apply now and let your passion and talent shine in driving innovation, sustainability, and progress.

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