SIMAD iLab Wins Best Ecosystem Initiative at DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference in Budapest

Published Date :

July 13, 2023

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6 Minutes


We are thrilled to announce that SIMAD iLab, a leading innovation hub in Somalia, has emerged victorious at the prestigious DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference held in Budapest on July 5th, 2023. Our groundbreaking initiative, Digital Skills for Jobs (DS4Jobs), garnered widespread recognition and was voted the best ecosystem initiative by an esteemed jury. This remarkable achievement is a testament to SIMAD iLab's dedication to fostering innovation, empowering digital entrepreneurs, and contributing to the growth of the gig economy in Somalia.

The DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator Program

SIMAD iLab's participation in the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Accelerator program has proven to be an incredible opportunity for the organization. As the first global startup ecosystem accelerator program, DEEP Ecosystems  aims to catalyze innovation projects and promote the development of new vertical and geographic ecosystems. By collaborating with various project partners, DEEP Ecosystems supports and creates ecosystem projects that secure funding and facilitate their execution.

DS4Jobs: Transforming Lives and Nurturing Talent

SIMAD iLab's DS4Jobs initiative, presented during the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference, showcased an innovative program that has already achieved remarkable success in Somalia. The DS4Jobs program focuses on equipping individuals with digital skills, enabling them to tap into the vast potential of the gig economy.

During the pilot phase, DS4Jobs successfully nurtured and empowered 150 freelancers in Somalia. These talented individuals generated an impressive income of nearly $140,000 through freelancing opportunities. The program's ability to create sustainable employment opportunities and uplift the local community highlights the immense impact of DS4Jobs.

Recognition at DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference

As a testament to the effectiveness and potential of the DS4Jobs initiative, SIMAD iLab was invited to pitch its ecosystem project on stage at the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference. The Director of SIMAD iLab, Mohamed Muse Hassan, presented the initiative virtually. An expert jury, comprised of industry leaders such as Dudu Gencel from Vienna Business Agency, Ömer Hantal from Fark Labs, and Peter Csillag from Hungarian Business Angel Network, carefully evaluated the presentations. After a rigorous selection process, SIMAD iLab emerged as the winner of the best pitch, receiving accolades from the esteemed jury. Here's the video pitch presentation from SIMAD iLab.

Scaling Up for Greater Impact

With the DS4Jobs project's resounding success and recognition, SIMAD iLab is now actively seeking partners to join our mission in scaling up this initiative. By expanding the reach and impact of DS4Jobs, SIMAD iLab aims to create even more opportunities for individuals to enhance their digital skills, secure sustainable livelihoods, and contribute to the thriving gig economy in Somalia.

SIMAD iLab's remarkable achievement at the DEEP Startup Ecosystem Conference serves as a testament to our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and socioeconomic growth. The DS4Jobs initiative has demonstrated the potential of digital skills in transforming lives and nurturing talent in Somalia. With our resounding success, SIMAD iLab is poised to make an even greater impact by scaling up DS4Jobs and similar initiatives. By joining forces with partners who share our vision, SIMAD iLab is set to shape the future of the gig economy in Somalia, empowering individuals and driving economic growth in the region.

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