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SIMAD iLab hosts regular workshops on business idea ideation & teamwork (a business idea or team not required!). Come and get:

Introduction and sneak peek into SIMAD iLab’s services, programs and office spaces.

Friday afternoon drinks with SIMAD iLab network including fellow entrepreneurs, our startup,s and the SIMAD iLab “A” team.

The tools, knowledge, and connections to find your co-founder or newest team member.

Free participation, but registration is necessary as we will select participants based on best potential matches.


We admit idea-stage startups and help them grow with us.

You have a clear business idea and technology, now it’s time to validate and find your market! At the end of the program, you found your problem-solution fit and started building your team. You will acquire the right skills, receive an extensive toolset, validate your business idea, and talk to many customers, whilst learning about different aspects of your business, e.g. legal, funding, and team. We offer custom Validation Labs per focus area, with each its own ecosystem of mentors and partners to help you maximize your success.


We help micro-businesses get scaled up.

Strengthen the foundation of your startup and accelerate traction in the market. You have founded a tech startup, built a prototype or MVP and have some initial traction in the marketNow it’s time to strengthen the foundation and accelerate traction. We’ll help you to focus on the essential next steps to build a company with a scalable, profitable, and repeatable business model. After the kick-off weeks, you can join tailored workshops, masterclasses, and 1-on-1 expert sessions on topics such as personal & team development, strategy, marketing & sales, finance & funding, legal & IP, and HR. As an SIMAD ILab startup, you will have regular check-ins with experienced serial entrepreneurs and ongoing access to our services.

Kaal Somalia

The leading crowdfunding hub in Somalia.

A crowdfunding platform in Somalia that integrates locally available technologies such as EVC PLUS, the most popular local payment option in Somalia. This will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to have their own crowdfunding platform to raise funds for their business ideas.

LEAP Fellowship

A signatory incubation and financing portfolio.

The LEAP initiative, a mentorship and financing program, is a highly competitive and very selective accelerator program that targets both start-ups at the idea stage and also take in and accelerate existing startups that will benefit from mentorship and financing opportunities.

Startup  Mogadishu

Nurturing the next Mogadishu tech founders.

Startup Somalia is an innovation ecosystem platform to build, engage, track, and advance the innovation community in Somalia. It’s an all-in-one solution to unlock key data, streamline management, facilitate community growth and innovation, and strengthen community relationships.

Bring your business Idea to lifE

We actually built a good number of startups from scratch and we can make your dream come true. Hence, don't hesitate join us today!

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