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SIMAD iLab hosts regular workshops on business idea ideation & teamwork (a business idea or team not required!). Come and get:

Registration-required resource access for finding co-founders or team members, based on potential matches

Overview of SIMAD iLab's offerings including services, programs, and office spaces.

Networking opportunity with entrepreneurs, startups, and the SIMAD iLab team during Friday afternoon drinks.

SIMAD iLab | Mentorship Service


You have a clear business idea and technology, now it’s time to validate and find your market! At the end of the program, you found your problem-solution fit and started building your team. You will acquire the right skills, receive an extensive toolset, validate your business idea, and talk to many customers, whilst learning about different aspects of your business, e.g. legal, funding, and team. We offer custom Validation Labs per focus area, with each its own ecosystem of mentors and partners to help you maximize your success.

SIMAD iLab | Incubation


Elevate your tech startup's growth and market presence with SIMAD iLab. Focus on strengthening your foundation and boosting market traction. We offer guidance on essential steps to develop a scalable and profitable business model. Post-kickoff, engage in customized workshops, masterclasses, and one-on-one sessions covering personal and team development, strategy, marketing, sales, finance, legal, and HR.

SIMAD iLab | Incubation

The "A"

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Muse Hassen

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Abdirahman Yasin

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Ali Mohamud

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Ahmed Ghazali

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Dirie Hussein

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Mohamud Osman

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Mohamed Hassan

SIMAD iLab | The A Team

Hussein Ahmed

Kaal Somalia

A crowdfunding platform in Somalia that integrates locally available technologies such as EVC PLUS, the most popular local payment option in Somalia. This will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to have their own crowdfunding platform to raise funds for their business ideas.

SIMAD iLab | Incubation

LEAP Fellowship

A crowdfunding platform in Somalia integrating EVC PLUS, a popular local payment option, to help entrepreneurs raise funds for their business ideas.

Startup Mogadishu

Startup Somalia: A comprehensive platform enhancing Somalia's innovation ecosystem through data insights, streamlined management, and community growth.


We actually built a good number of startups from scratch and we can make your dream come true. Hence, don't hesitate join us today!

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Our “A” team is proactively engaged in startup's journey from inception to exit, to empower and enable founders to contribute to a better Somalia.


- Mentorship

- Incubation

- Acceleration

- LEAP Fellowship

- kaal Somalia

- StartUp Mogadishu




5th Floor, Town Campus, SIMAD University, Zoobe, Mogadishu Somalia

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